Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In the beginning ..

So technically this shouldn't really be a blog post, considering the title of this blog is "Zoe is Israel" and as I write this I'm sitting in the airport in Toronto. But as it is an international flight we're about to board, we have hours to waste and free wifi, so why not? In an hour and a half myself and my grandparents will board the first of two flights, Toronto to London, and then after a very short period of time (literally not even two hours) we'll be on a plane to Tel Aviv. I'm not quite sure how the times will work but I do know that I've now been awake for almost 48 hours so hopefully sleep will be achieved on the plane. We did purchase neck pillows so that will help. I'm unsure at this point as to what the internet situation will be which travelling so hopefully this will be updated often. All I really am sure of is that not only will this be amazing considering not many are lucky to be able to travel like this at my age with their grandparents, but also, it's Israel! Interesting fact about Israel: The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher! Neat. 
Also if anyone is looking for a good song to listen to in an airport, or just in general, the song "Le Temps Perdu" but Carla Bruni (yes, the President of France's wife!) has been on repeat on my iPod while waiting in the airport. 

Checking in our luggage - just for the record, I had the lightest bag! 
Grandfather enjoying the moving sidewalk - Grandmother opted to walk beside instead of having the free ride

Not even out of the country and we're already shopping - new sandals for Grandmother and a hat for Zo 

Of course, the first of many expected self portraits. Rocking a hat for the first time in my life.

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  1. Zoe! You are going to have an amazing adventure and I can't wait to hear all about it. Thinking of you and wishing I was there.. xoxox